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· Caigang pressure plate
· Bearing floor slab
· Steel structure
· C, Z type steel series
· Rock wool board
· Polystyrene
· Polyurethane
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company profile

       Tianjin Zhong billion light steel color plate Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in large-scale enterprises to install light steel and color plate design, the production, the. The company was founded in 1992, after twenty years of development, the company has established a sound sales network in more than 20 city national. The company mainly to undertake all kinds of light steel structure, spherical grid structure, building curtain wall, building engineering, color steel sandwich plate activity room etc.. Steel production of various specifications of the pressure plate, color steel sandwich board, glass wool sandwich corrugated board and C steel, Z steel. The company has CNC multi cutting machine, H type steel vertical machine group, Longmen automatic submerged arc welding machine, H type steel straightening machine, DC machine, semi-automatic cutting machine, bending machine, shearing machine, multiple groups of different specifications of color plate cold bending moulding machine, sandwich plate forming machine and steel C, Z steel and a large number of domestic most advanced production equipment, into the northwest, North China the most advanced steel structure production line and domestic first-class Caigang pressure plate, color steel sandwich plate automatic production line. Companies adhere to the "quality first, customer first, honest and trustworthy, refine on" business purpose, focus on the introduction and cultivation of a large number of professional and technical personnel, has a set of strict quality management system. "To the quality of survival, to management for efficiency", the company will continue to pursue innovation, beyond the self, and strive to better product quality, good reputation, reasonable price and good service to cooperate with you. Look forward to your inquiries, eye of the visit and cooperation. We will be honest, decent.

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